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Hamlet Learning Center is a 5000 square foot early childhood facility located in Woonsocket, RI. Within HLC your child will be educated along with their peers in an environment of large, open, bright classrooms with areas for learning, playing & nap time.
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•  To guide children to achieve a positive self image by providing protection and
•  To plan activities that are developmentally appropriate.
•  To encourage the children’s expression of creativity through art media, manipulatives,
    dramatic play, music and dance.
•  To instill a sense of responsibility, respect, empathy and awareness for others.
•  To help children develop self-reliance, self-motivation, behavioral self-control and trust of
    themselves and others.
•  To nurture and protect children’s physical and emotional health and well being with adequate
    supervision, outdoor activities and nutritional and safety guidelines.
•  To create an environment which encourages individual participation and social interaction.
    Children are given opportunities to work alone as well as in groups. Their thoughts and
    feelings are heard throughout the day.
•  To improve language skills and enhance conceptual learning.
•  To build a firm foundation to foster the development of basic skills such as literacy and
•  To advance listening and concentration through auditory games, music and stories for
    effective learning processes.
•  To stimulate and satisfy children’s curiosity by providing a variety of experiences, open-ended
    discussions, and child directed activities.
•  To offer stability in setting and staffing that gives children the security they need.
•  To accept and appreciate children’s cultures, customs and languages.
•  To effectively monitor the development of the whole child in all areas.
•  To support families as the most important influence in each child’s life.
Hamlet Learning Center
73 Hamlet Avenue - Woonsocket, Rhode Island  02895
Phone 401-766-7203   •   Fax 401-356-4252
Providing Care Monday - Friday, 6:30am - 5:30pm

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